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~~I Miss Ohio’s Snow~~




I know. I know. I’m not going to make any friends by saying that I miss the snow of Ohio.  But this evening I do.  Yes, yes….the weather down here in Florida is great.  I think it got close to 80 today.  I didn’t really notice, because I didn’t go outside much except to walk the dang dogs.  Maybe I was just missing my home state.  Nah….I know what it was.

I was missing my little trailer.  And my son.  And family and friends that are up in Ohio.  And maybe the snow.  Or maybe not the snow specifically, but the way that we all had the snow in common.  We all complained about it.  Had to drive in it.  Had to run out and get all the fixins for French Toast at the first mention of a snowfall.  The way that laying in bed all snug and warm with my son down the hall; safe and sound, made me feel.  The way that the snow falling could just absorb all the sound outside.  Like there was a quilt wrapped all around my trailer, and nothing bad could get in.   I felt like that “bug in a rug” on those nights.  Especially if it was a Friday night and I knew I didn’t have to get up in the morning and dig myself out so that I could drive to work.  In the morning, I could hear the coffee maker start up, and lay there in the bed nice and warm; listening to the water drip off an icicle that might have formed on the tree outside my window.



Here is a picture of the BIG snow of the winter of ’76-’77.  This was my car that was parked outside my Mom and Dad’s house.  It took Dad and I a couple of hours to dig it out.  Not that it would start when we did….that MG refused to start when it was cold out.  I’d have to cutch start it going down the hill to get it to go.  My folks were always worried about me in that thing.  But I was so cool in it.  Or so I thought.  LOL

I left shortly after this picture was taken for Basic Training.  Headed down to Texas where it was alot warmer than Ohio.  Then, while I wasn’t stationed overseas, I spent most of my time in the South.  Didn’t get to see much snow there either.  But when I moved home to Cincinnati in ’97 I got to see my share of the white stuff.  Then I got married and moved to Florida in ’09.  And tonight, for just a little while………..I miss it.



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  • Echo:

    I DO NOT like the cold! Huge perk for me when I left Ohio, But reading this post, you just made me miss it for just a fraction of a second! Don’t worry, I’m over it now! lol

  • Me, too. I miss the muffled sounds and moonlit nights – how beautiful they were in MIssouri with 3′ of snow outside. I don’t miss driving in ice and freezing slush, but I miss everything being covered by beautiful, clean, heavy snow.

    I ALWAYS wanted an MG. Never got one. Did have a ’69 Cougar (the sporty one), a ’67 Mustang (miss it), a ’79 Camaro, and my grown up version, my Jaguar XK8. But I still wish I’d gotten an MG!
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