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I just got back from driving today.  My job and all…. and I thought I’d write a little about how I look at things.  What prompted this was a call that I got from my husband while I was on the good old Florida turnpike.  As most calls go, he started out by asking, “So, how you doing today?”.  I responded, “You really want to know?”  The silly man said yes.  So I told him.  I said, ” My back hurts from sitting in this car for over 350 miles, it’s raining like hell, and my low fuel light is on, and I don’t have any money for gas, so I hope I make it home.  Oh, and by the way, since I don’t have any money on me, I’m gonna have to run the toll plaza and let them send me a bill.”  We chatted a little more and he ended the conversation by saying, “Well, I’m sorry that you’re having a rotten day”.  We hung up.  And then it dawned on me.

I hadn’t said I was having a rotten day.  I don’t even think I implied that I was having a rotten day.  This was a “normal” day for me.  I’m quite used to waltzing through life with one foot on the banana peel.  It’s just how I get by.  I’ve never had too much money, or a job that was too easy.  There haven’t been too many times when I didn’t have a jug of change in my car in case I needed it.  I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck all of my life.  I wish I’d been able to save some money like my one sister.  Or had the education that propelled me up the corporate ladder into a cushy job.  Nope, I’ve never had any of that.  I’ve fought for everything that I’ve ever had.  And probably always will.

I can remember driving home from Texas while I was in the Air Force.  I left out of my dorm on the base with practically no money in my pocket.  I made it all the way to Cincinnati before my car ran out of gas on I-75 (in the left lane mind you) in downtown Cincy.  My Dad had to come and rescue me.  My Mom nearly had a fit telling me how reckless I was.  And I was.  Obviously, I still am.  I’m hardly ever prepared when I start some kind of project or trip.  I basically get an idea, and just jump into it and work my way through it.  If snags happen, I deal with them and move on.  You won’t ever see me break down and give up on anything.  And my luck has been pretty good all of my life.  With only a couple of near-death incidences, and brushes with tragedy.  But somehow I’ve managed to “hang in there” by the skin of my teeth.  And trust me when I say, I’ve gotten myself into some pretty tight spots in my life.  Bit off more than I could chew a FEW times.  But that’s just part and parcel of being the spontaneous spirit that I am !  LOL  I’ve been called reckless, impetuous, and nuts, but it hasn’t stopped me. Yet.

I’m going to college now, for the education to do a new job that I am hoping will see me through until I croak.  But I have no idea if it’s going to work out.  And I have no back up plan in case it doesn’t.  I’ll just get a job doing something if it doesn’t pan out.  That’s what I’ve always done.  I’ve made the best of things, the best way I know how.  Sure, I piss and moan from time to time.  And I’m envious of some folks that have it better, or easier.  But it’s all good.  I get by.  And I would think that my husband would know this about me.  Heck, he met me while I was working two jobs, living in a trailer park and raising my son alone.  Clearly, I’m a survivor.  And when things didn’t work out quite the way that they were supposed to down here, I rolled with it.  Got a job (again, two at once for a long time) and bought this house we live in now.  So, when he asks how my day is, and I rattle off the list of things that might otherwise throw someone else into a tizzy, he should just say, “Ok, cool.  See ya at home”.  Men !




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