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~~Take a Walk On the “Not-so-Wild” Side~~

I take my dog, Patches out at night to do her business like the good dog owner that I am.  Thing is, she has to walk quite a bit before things come to a fruition…if you know what I mean.  I don’t mind really, except when it’s raining.  Then, it’s kind of a drag.  But getting up late at night because I don’t take the time in the evening is just not an option.  So, on our journeys around the neighborhood, I’ve gotten used to a few of the idioscyncracies that I’ve seen in some of the people that live on our street.

Jeparody and Wheel of Fortune neighbors:  I can count on seeing the same 4 or 5 t.v. sets through their windows that have these shows on depending on Patches’ schedule for the night.   I can hear a couple of them yelling their answers or competing with their spouses during the game.  This makes me grin.

T.V. Land neighbors:  When I glance through their windows (and you know I do) I see Andy Griffith or at my house, the husband’s favorites Bonanza or Gunsmoke.  These just make me feel old.

The card players:  There are a couple of houses that have regular “card nights” at their houses.  I can only hope that they are playing pinochle or euchre: God help us all if it’s strip-poker. These folks make me cringe. Just kidding.

The fighters:  I will pass by at least one house that has a loud argument going on.  One in particular is at the end of the street, and I can count on that one always being loud when we hurry by. Every night. Sad.

The hard of hearing neighbors:  Yes, I do have incredible hearing.  Ask anyone that knows me.  And I can read lips across a room.  But these houses don’t require either of those skills.  It’s the really old folks that have either taken their hearing aids out for the night, or don’t wear any to begin with that have their t.v. turned way up, or else they are practically shouting at each other.  Painful.

But the ones that make me the saddest; and one in particular is up the street and around the corner.  I like going by their house, but it makes me so sad when I do as well.  These folks, and this is usually only about twice, maybe three times a week, have this little fire pit kind of thing on their carport.  There is always a fire, and people sitting around while one or two guys are playing guitars.  Once I heard someone that had brought a harmonica.  And they are singing and playing.  It makes me wish SO bad that my Dad was still alive and living down here.  He would have loved it in the park.  So many things for him to do, but I know this would have been his favorite.  It was something that we as a family, and he with his friends did all the time.  He loved to play guitar and sing so much.  I miss that.

It’s not exciting to walk around a 55+ park, but it’s different.  I like feeling like one of the “youngsters” in the park, but I know that I won’t be for much longer.  I guess today, I’m just feeling a little “well-aged”.  LOL




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