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~~What a Difference New Underwear Makes ! ~~

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I will state for the record….upfront, loud and proud….the following:  I HATE to buy underwear.  Doesn’t mean I don’t wear CLEAN underwear.  It just means, that if I can find anything else to spend money on over underwear, I will.  So, don’t get YOUR panties in a knot.  The reasons are pretty plain to me.  No one sees your underwear (unless they know you really really well).  And unless you have been in an accident, yes, my Mom told me that line about why I should wear nice underwear too, it’s really a waste of time being uncomfortable.  Because, come on, lets be honest.  The sexiest underwear, the prettiest underwear, is also the most uncomfortable underwear.  Have you ever worn a G-string or a thong?  Yeah, you know what I mean.

Now, lets’ not get all old granny panty on me.  I’m not at the point where I wear the big grandma undies.  Yet.big_panties1_zps1dd20228  But we all started out in them.  At least women of my age group did.  We didn’t have all the skimpy stuff that there is now.  We were good girls and we wore the white cotton briefs like our Moms told us to. The kind that you could tuck your blouse into under your skirt to hold it down.  The kind that you were constantly making sure didn’t have long threads from the elastic hanging down below your skirt that one of your good friends would pull and never tell you about it until it was 4 feet long.  The kind that would hide the torture apparatus called the feminine pad garter belt.  OMG those were horrible.  But we wore those white cotton underwear because it was all there was.  The girls in my family thought we’d hit the jackpot when our Mom bought us our first pack of colored underwear that had the days of the week on them.  We called them our “Minnie Monday Underwear”.  For a while it was fun to make sure we had the right day underwear on the correct day.  Then, when the first pair went missing in the dryer that was out the window.  Besides, I finally figured out that it was just another way for the Mom to keep tabs on whether we were changing our drawers often enough.  But with three girls, and one boy, she had enough to worry about besides checking our asses for the right day of the week. She had so much going on, I’m pretty sure she never knew what day of the week it was anyway.

I love sexy underwear too.  Not for everyday.  I know that there are women that live for wearing sexy underwear, all the time.  But I am not, nor have I ever been one of those women.  I like to have sexy underwear for special occasions.  It’s a treat for me to get to wear it.  And I have some pretty expensive stuff too I might add.  Of course, these days, it’s in the drawer, with sweet smelling sachet.  Sometimes I take it out and look at it.  But lately, nah…haven’t had much use for it.  Between school and work I’m lucky that I can find a decent pair of sweat pants to pull on before I rush out the door.  So, what’s got me writing a blog about new underwear you might ask?  I’ll tell you.panties

My husband brought the laundry in a couple of weeks ago.  Doesn’t happen often, but he did.  He’d even folded my stuff and brought it to my bedroom too. (yes, I nearly fainted).  And he admonished me about my socks.  All the white socks that I have had holes in the heels.  And there were several strings trailing him that clearly were unraveling from my little stack of underwear.  I will admit that it has been a couple of years since I’d bought new socks or underwear.  And I’d gotten kind of used to how everything felt, which truthfully was pretty ratty, thread-bare and worn.  But, like I said, if I can find anything else to spend my money on I will. But yesterday, on my way home from class I stopped at the Dollar General.  No, not Bealls, or Kohl’s or even WalMart.  This was the Dollar General.  I needed some cat food.  But I happened to walk by the rack with socks and underwear on it.  And they had Hanes for Women underwear and socks at what I thought was a reasonable price.  So…..I took the plunge.  I bought a pack of each.  I know, I know.  Wild, extravagant me.  I actually spent 10 bucks on stuff that only I will really see.

But this morning, as I pulled on my new high cut underwear briefs (pink, I might add) and slipped into my new soft white socks, and didn’t have to pull a heel forward, or trim a string off of, it felt really good.  I liked it.  And I’m going to do it again tomorrow.  and a few more days in a row after that.  And why?  Because I have new underwear.  And socks.  And my Mom would be so pleased !!












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