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~~~Ok…We Get It ~~~

So while I was cruising Facebook today, instead of doing homework like I should be doing, I ran across this video on someone's page.  It's this young girl Shiane Hawke.  She sings. Surprise surprise !

It’s another video of someone that walks onto the stage, while everyone smirks and giggles.  Because she is only 14.  She has braces, is a little overweight, doesn’t wear the most flattering of outfits and is pretty shy.  And then she proceeds to blow them away with her rendition of Duffy’s “Mercy”.


How many times are we going to see this?  Now, don’t get my intention wrong here.  I’m thrilled for the kid.  Clearly she has a good voice.  You know like a bunch of other videos that we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years since Susan Boyle susan boylecame along.  People misjudged her voice too.  And she’s gone from being a teacher, or whatever she was before, to this singer with the great voice who gets to play all the great halls and concert places.  Yay !!  Bravo !!  I’m happy for her too.

Here’s the thing though.  Now Susan Boyle has a phenomenal voice.  And she’s rightfully basking in the type of applause that she should be given.  And all the Simon Cowells of the world should be spanking themselves for not giving her the benefit of the doubt BEFORE she opened her mouth to sing.   I’m all about not judging a book by it’s cover.  Everyone deserves a chance.  A chance to succeed, and a chance to fail.  I think that after the fame and all the press, even Susan had a time when she struggled with all of the attention that she was given.  But it looks like she’s gonna be ok.

Here’s my point, and I don’t know that I’m making it very well.  So far.  I love to sing too.  When I and my siblings were growing up, our parents would trot us out in front of family and friends and the 4 Jones kids would sing with Dad playing guitar.  We were embarrassed, but we all had fun.  I still have a fairly decent voice.  I’ve won a couple of karaoke contests, and if I practice diligently for a while, I can do a damn good rendition of some of Miranda Lamberts songs.  Some Trisha Yearwood too, and even a couple by Pink.  It’s not my life’s dream to be a singer though, so I’d never be brave enough to get up in front of thousands of people and take a chance.  Now this fourteen year old that’s in the first video I posted; Shiane Hawke 835-Shiane-Hawke is probably a different story.  Yes, she did a heck of a job with “Mercy”, but the kid could hardly be understood when she was speaking.  And I’ve watched a couple of the other videos that she has out there and they just aren’t as good.  That makes me wonder if she’s just a really good mimic of Duffy’s, like I am of Miranda Lambert, or if she has a career in singing.  When I watch her singing these songs about love and betrayal and all that other mature stuff, it just doesn’t feel right.  In fact, it feels kinda creepy.  Like a fourteen year old shouldn’t know about those things.  I felt the same way a long time ago when LeeAnn Rimes was starting her career.  Like she was too young to be singing about the stuff she probably hadn’t experienced yet.  But she went on to have a good career so I guess that proves that it can be done.  And maybe when this girl matures, maybe slims down a little and gets her braces off, she will be another Rimes.  But one thing that I know for sure.  Right now, she’s being used.  She’s getting her shot to sing.  And in the process she’s making some folks some money.  Like the ones that push these videos.  Not to showcase her talent.  But to make the rest of us feel bad.  So that we can post and share the videos and make comments like, “See? they shouldn’t have laughed at her”, or “don’t you feel bad now for misjudging her?”.  That kind of stuff.  They are pushing her to sing other songs.  There is another video of her singing and she has this really dumb big brimmed hat on and it’s so distracting.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that maybe she has a career in the future, or maybe she doesn’t.  But in the meantime, these “I told you so” videos make me a little mad.

People are assholes.  They will continue to misjudge people.  They will continue to think that people that aren’t gorgeous or sexy or rich don’t have any right to have talent.  Because people are jerks !

Yeah, I get that. Quit trying to make a buck off of the fact.



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  • Amen! I stopped watching “reality” shows long ago because they just lack any ‘real’, if you know what I mean. Bravo to those who can sing, without them the commute to work would be rather silent most days. Well it would be except for the personal development CDs I’ve taken to listening too because those have value to me. But all this attention and fame usually is not a good thing for someone not used to having it. We have plenty of examples of what train wrecks these folks can become once spotlights and money come their way.
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