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Controlling Weed And Maintaining Hedges in Your Garden

It is a common belief that weeds will weaken your lawns if you fail to put in under control. However, the truth is weeds will only grow if your lawn is weak. Thus lawn need to be properly maintained and cared for if you do not to face the problem of lawn weeds. In this post I will be discussing about how you can control weeds and I will be also discussing about how you can maintain and trim your hedges in an efficient way.

Hedges are basically just lines of shrubs. If you want to make best hedges that looks beautiful then you should have hedge that have wide margins (such hedges are also known as buffer strips). Many new gardeners think that properly maintaining a hedge is very difficult process, but in my own experience, if you have good hedge trimmer, the whole process is very simple. In this article I will also be discussing about different types of hedge trimmers and how you can buy hedge trimmers in 2018. But first lets talk about how you can control weeds.

1. Mow your lawn regularly
Mowing your lawn properly and regularly is very efficient in controlling lawn weeds. You should try to mow your lawn at about three inches. It helps in controlling lawn weeds and also allows your grass to grow thicker. And when it comes to mowing, you should always use fresh blades or sharpened blades. Blunt blades would uproot the grass and that is the last thing you want for your lawn. If you don’t have a lawn mower, you can also do the job with a string trimmers.

2. Eliminate as many weak spots in your lawn as possible
As I stated earlier, all the weak spots of your lawn are the most susceptible to weeds. The areas adjacent to the pavement and other frequent used areas are the most vulnerable to lawn weeds. Most of the times lawn weeds take root in these areas and it would spread to other parts of the lawn. Thus you must be conscious of it and take corrective measures in controlling lawn weeds in these areas.

3. Reduce the Compaction of the Soil
Most of people think that just uprooting the weeds at the root level would solve the problem of weeds but it is not so. Many lawn experts believe that if the soil remains compact, it would become the breeding ground of weeds again. You would have to reduce the compaction of the soil and re-seed the area.

4. Grow excess grass
There are some types of weeds which are easy to control but there are some obstinate ones. And for them you would have to take some extra care. One of the best ways of controlling lawn weeds is by stuffing that patch with excess of grass. Grass would fight the weeds for space and that would help in controlling lawn weeds to some extent.

5. Use of herbicides or weed killers
Herbicides prove very effective in fighting weeds and can eliminate any kind of weeds. On the basis of their application, herbicides are of three kinds. The first one is pre-emergent which are applied to the lawn before weeds have actually taken hold of your lawn. It works best on crabgrass. The second type of herbicides is the post-emergent herbicides which are used for weeds that already taken hold in your lawn. It works best on perennial broad leaf weeds. And the third one is the non-selective herbicides. This type of herbicide kill plants indiscriminately including healthy plants and grass. Thus, extra care need to be taken when using it. You can learn more about weed killers here

Controlling lawn weeds is an on going process and should not be slacken for any reason. Effective control lawn weeds will ensure that your lawn is always the envy of your neighbors.

Choosing a hedge trimmer

As I said earlier, I will also be discussing about maintaining hedges and choosing a good hedge trimmer. Snow and cold winter messes like these are fast reminders of how hedges whether they are big or small – can go dreadfully wrong if not pruned properly. Hedges need to maintained quiet often and if they are not trimmed twice a year then you will find it difficult to maintain. Also you need a hedge trimmer to do this job. So lets talk about different hedge trimmers available in UK.

Electric Hedge Trimmer
Electric hedge trimmers are a very popular choice, thanks to their great cutting power, low weight and
low price. Compared to cordless and petrol/gas hedge trimmers, they don’t provide the same freedoms. You will always have to keep an eye out for the cord, or else you might cut it by accident. Many people do not want to annoy their neighbors with noisy machinery, and when it comes to making as little noise as possible, the electric hedge trimmers will always beat the petrol driven ones.

Weight and vibrations are the main cause of arm fatigue, when operating a hedge trimmer. If you don’t have much strength in your arm muscles, then an electric hedge trimmer would be the best choice. Petrol and battery powered cordless models, would probably be too heavy for longer sessions, and you might even have to hire a person, to get you all trimming work done.

This type of hedge trimmer is the best choice for all who has a small-to medium-sized garden, and doesn’t need the extra mobility of a cordless model. Also, as mentioned earlier, it is a great hedge trimmer type for everyone with below-average muscle strength, as the low weight will help prevent arm fatigue.

Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Petrol hedge trimmers are cordless and portable trimmers that runs on petrol. They are the most powerful hedge trimmer type, and they are great when you need to cover large areas, and cut through thick branches fast and effectively. Due to them being so versatile you can use them for practically anything, from light work – trimming bushes, to heavier work – trimming back large stubborn overgrowth.

As well as this, is what has been previously mentioned, there is no power cable to get in your way. You may move the petrol hedge trimmer anywhere you want without having to worry about the power cable potentially getting in your way; also this stops you from having to purchase an extension lead to reach further areas.

However, it is not all sunshine and roses with the petrol powered hedge trimmers. One of the problems with this hedge trimmer type, is the high weight, which can be blamed on the heavy engine. The weight makes it hard to use for those who doesn’t have the strongest muscles. Arm fatigue will kick in much faster, than it will with a corded or battery powered model. Petrol hedge trimmers are typically more expensive than its electricity powered cousins. The petrol it needs to run, is also an expense one has to factor in. Another problem with the petrol driven hedge trimmer, is the noise it produces. It is, by far, the most noisy hedge trimmer type. Also, it smells and pollutes more than any electricity powered model.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmers are powered by a rechargeable battery. This hedge trimmer type, typically, has shorter blades than electric and petrol powered models. Cordless hedge trimmers are lighter than petrol models, but still heavier than than the electric corded ones. One of the best things about this type, is the low noise levels, and it’s no-pollution electric motor. However, the cutting power can’t measure up to corded electric and petrol hedge trimmers.

The cordless hedge trimmer has proved to be very popular, and people often praise their mobility. Even though it is very mobile, a major disadvantages about this trimmer type, is the battery running time. Normally, the batteri runs dry after 30-60 minutes, and recharge time is often several hours. To avoid running out of power, while doing your gardening work, it is a advisible to have an extra charged battery with you.

To shortly sum up this hedge trimmer type:

  • Very easy to start+Lighter than petrol powered hedge trimmers
  • Practical, due to the high mobility
  • Lower cutting power than both petrol and electric hedge trimmers
  • Low battery running time. An extra battery is advisable

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