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How does your team play the game?

Today is a special day for us at Team Duncan. We always enjoy connecting with other family teams and hearing about how they manage work, play, kids, life, and especially each other. We’d like to introduce you to Raul and Lucy, an awesome couple and team from Puerto Rico.

We met Raul and Lucy on Twitter some time ago, and immediately saw that they were tight knit, caring, and family oriented—something we all strive for.

They are also a very busy couple, what with running a client-based business, managing multiple blogs, and of course, raising a little one.

Without further ado, here is how they play the game.


Parenting is Team Sport!

It has been 13 months since I became a parent and stay-at-home dad. Lucy (my life and business partner) and I are still working on how to be as effective and efficient as possible as we juggle a small business and parenthood. It is always a learning process depending on your child’s age.

As a small business owner who is trying to build a business, I work 60-70 hours during the week. The most difficult part from working at home is trying to make sure I help as much as I can and continue to run our business.

Lucy and I work together from home and to some it might seem a bit easier than in other households where parents work outside the home and leave children in daycare or school. It can become a juggling act of what is a priority at any given moment of the day.

Starting Our Day

The dynamics of running a small business can change your day completely. Usually our day starts at about 8 a.m. and I wake up to answer emails and plan for the day. On days that I can I use the morning to write, Lucy takes care of our daughter and breakfast. Once I finish my writing, I either jump into one or two house chores or I take care of our daughter while Lucy takes care of some chores.

Mid Day

One we finish our morning activities, we start to take care of our clients. If we are lucky and our daughter takes a nap, (she is so full of energy she is known to delay or skip this every once in a while) then we both get to complete other secondary tasks. Moments like these are where Lucy will prepare lunch and sometimes cook enough for dinner if there is an activity planned outside of the home. She will also correct a post, write for one of our corporate, parenting, or vegetarian blogs.


Since we have clients in London, Mexico, and the West Coast of the U.S. and are we on Atlantic Standard time, our days and availability to clients spans longer hours than most people. If a client wants to have a conference call, I make this a priority during the day and let Lucy know ahead of time. At that moment, my main priority is running the business and Lucy’s priority is to take care of our daughter.

Ownership of Household Tasks

I am not a fan of cooking and it is a task that I just don’t do at the moment. I have been pretty lazy when it comes to learning how to properly cook a complex meal. I vacuum the house, clean, and will buy the groceries for the house. Lucy takes care of the cooking, trash, recyclables, gardening, correspondence, feeding the baby, baby’s hygiene, feeding our dog JuanGa, and teaching our daughter something new everyday.  Other tasks are shared throughout the house depending on who is less busy at the moment.


Although I listed how we normally take ownership of tasks, there are many others that just happen and we just complete them at the moment. Being flexible and able to jump into any task or job is critical when you are running a small business and a household together. Just like military soldiers have an understanding of other basic combat skills no matter what their military job is, making sure the team can complete a task or a mission, no matter who is running with the project, is critical.

Areas for improvement

As we continue our journey into parenthood, I have to say I personally need to learn how to cook and schedule my day a bit better. Maybe cutting out many of the distractions I have during the day, to lighten the load on Lucy. On Lucy’s end, learning how to switch gears at a moments notice is something she is trying to improve.

How do you run your household? How is the spirit of teamwork being set?

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