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Looking For Cordless Impact Wrench?

Need a new cordless impact wrench? These cordless impact wrench reviews compare and rate the top models on the market making it easy for you decide. The best cordless impact wrench on the market could also be referred to as an air impact wrench, air gun, impactor, windy gun, torque gun or rattle gun. These socket wrenches can put out high torque without too much effort. They work great for both automotive and heavy duty construction projects.

Best Cordless Impact Wrench of 2019

There are many different types of impact wrench available on the market today, but not all impact wrench are same. Here are the top 5 impact wrench in UK.

Ingersoll Rand Air Tools
Impact wrench
The Titanium 2135Ti delivers 1,000 ft.-lbs. of Nut Busting Torque in a gun that weighs just 3.95 pounds! The design provides power and balance, with push button forward/reverse controls that allow one-hand operation. Compact size allows use in tight spaces where larger guns cannot operate and the 7-vane power plant drives enough torque to break away a nut tightened to over 1,000 ft.-lbs. in under six seconds.

Thanks to the use of hard wearing titanium and other refinements to the design that are intended to make the tool even more resistant to stress and damage, the hard wearing Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti can handle the highest levels of torque required for a more powerful action without any loss of accuracy, and can be used for almost any task that you can imagine within your industry.


  • Smaller size to get into those tight spots
  • Weighs only 3.95 pounds, almost 1/2 pound less than any competitive 1/2″ impact
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio
  • 7-vane motor delivers 1,000 ft.-lbs. of Nut Busting Torque and 700 ft.-lbs. of traditional torque output for tackling tougher fastening and unfastening applications
  • Four-position power management control for optimal control

Tougher, stronger, smaller, and lighter than competing air powered impact wrenches, the Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti offers everything you need to get the job done much more easily, conveniently and efficiently than ever before.

DeWALT DW059K-2 Impact wrench
Whether you’re securing lag screws or loosening nuts and bolts, you’ll appreciate this impact wrench’s versatile and consistent performance. Offering a comfortable grip, a durable yet lightweight build, and the DEWALT exclusive, extended-life XRP battery system, this impact wrench is an ideal addition to any work kit. The impact wrench’s durable, magnesium gear case, all-metal transmission, and frameless motor with replaceable brushes provide the durability you need for tough applications and heavy use. You will appreciate this impact wrench’s versatile and consistent performance.

It works great for changing or rotating tires and removing stubborn bolts and lug nuts. This cordless impact wrench does lack a few things such as: variable speed, power adjustment and an electric brake. Despite these limitations, it packs a powerful punch delivering up to 300 foot-pounds of torque. It is easy to switch between forward and reverse and at only 7.55 lbs it is incredibly light. The batteries are interchangeable with other 18 volt Dewalt tools.

The ergonomic design and anti-slip grip means you can use it all day long with ease. It has a unique mechanism that provides kickback reduction by directing all the torque towards the fastener instead of back towards you.

DEWALT DCF813S2 Impact wrench

It is incredibly small, only 6-1/4 inches long, so it can fit into really tight spaces. It weighs only 2.3-pounds so you can easily hold up up over your head to do work without tiring out your arm. This DeWalt cordless impact wrench also has Built-In LED lights to help you see what you are doing. The DEWALT DCF813S2 cordless impact wrench offers incredible value for the money.

If you already have your own batteries, you can save money by buying a bare-tool cordless impact wrench. Basically, this means it comes as the tool-only with no battery. The top rated ones bare-tool cordless impact wrenches the market are the DEWALT DW059B and Makita BTW450Z.

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