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Recumbent Exercise Bike UK – Reviews

A lot of people are tempted to think that magnetic recumbent exercise bikes are not as great as the ones using a flywheel. That has been proven to be a myth by high quality exercise bikes like Schwinn recumbent bike. It is a great looking exercise equipment destined to be used at home. It is light, easy to move around, provides just enough resistance and it is affordable.

A Recumbent Exercise Bike looks a bit different than an upright exercise bike and it works your body a bit differently also. Instead of sitting upright and peddling with your legs and feet below you, they are outstretched in front of you. With some models your butt is on the same level as your feet (as in a prone position) and others they are towards the front of your body but still a few inches below your bottom. You can learn more on top recumbent exercise bikes in UK here.

Best recumbent exercise bike 2019

Almost all recumbent bikes are hefty, and it could be a troublesome when it comes to placing it at home. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike doesn’t require enough space to be placed at your home because it can be stored and folded to a half of its size easily. Exerpeutic 400XL allows you to get on and off the bike fast and easy. In that way, it will give you a comfortable way of exercising. Indeed, it is a convenient and a space saver bike.

It includes a three-piece, high-toque cranking system that provides you a smooth and stable pedaling motion. Its V-belt transmission system and precision balanced fly-wheel gives you a smooth and quiet paddling motion, as well. For that matter, you can listen to music or watch TV without noise disturbance from the machine while doing an exercise! It has a huge pedal designs with safety straps to prevent you from foot slippage while doing an exercise.

It also comes with an easy-to-read, large window of 3.3 inches LCD display that indicates speed, calories burned, time, distance, scan, and heart or pulse rate information. The extended leg stabilizers of this recumbent bike also prevent any movement or tipping from exercising.

Sunny Exercise Bike

Renowned cyclist Johnny Goldberg in preparation for 1986 cycling competition first used the facilities of indoor cycling bike. Johnny G wanted a continuous training under any weather condition. Due to its effectiveness, exercise bike is adapted by the fitness conscious people in performing indoor exercises. It became popular to group fitness classes in clubs and gyms. Eventually, people are buying their own indoor cycling bike for home use.

Today, a fitness enthusiast can get a Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike to exercise at home. It has a fully adjustable seat and handlebars. This exercise bike is equipped with a 40-pounds flywheel to simulate outdoor pedaling effort. The chain-drive mechanism provides the smooth performance of the bike. In addressing the different level of cycling difficulties, it has an adjustable resistance available for the purpose. It has simple and easy to use controls.

Owners of the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike are impressed with its performance as well as its strength being at par with any exercise bike found in gyms. They are highly recommended by the owners to those who wanted to stay fit. One satisfied customer said that it performs very well like any other high-priced indoor cycling bike. It also feels the same way riding with expensive ones. Some previous owners of upright stationary bike turn to this indoor bike to meet their needs in spinning at home. It is a great choice as an entry-level for the first time spin bikers. An owner states that the bike met his expectations as great equipment for his training in Ironman event. It can withstand extensive and prolonged use. According to the owners, they are easy to assemble and directions are easy to follow.

On the other side, some comments were noted to the handlebar/stem post that is wiggling a bit. In one unit, the seat-post tap the inside part of the seat tubing while being used, which produce a “clinking” noise every revolution. It makes the user feel distracted and unsafe. There is also an issue regarding to short people because some adjustment made cause equipment usage difficulties and noise. The fact that this exercise bike is heavy contributes to its advantage and disadvantage. It is an advantage because the heaviness makes the equipment sturdy and quiet, but when user tries to move the equipment, they have to dismantle it first before moving. Generally, the bike works very very well and owners are satisfied purchasing them.

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